Occupation Therapy

Occupation therapy includes Tailoring, weaving, block printing, Greeting card making;

Tailoring : Our children are able to make Jute articles like ladies bag, ladies purses, Fruit basket, File folders etc meticulously through intense training. Gnanadeepam is able to get regular orders from noble hearted people who appreciate their efforts. File folders and Frame door mats are big hit at Gnanadeepam. File folders made by our God's children won accolades from one and all at IIT Mumbai – JEE division. The folders have been distributed by IIT-JEE Mumbai division to their Examiners for the year 2012 IIT-JEE entrance exam. In continuation of their training, these vocational kids are given a stipend for their hard work every month. This enables them to being independent and save the money for their future.

Weaving : Our children are able to make door mats, towels, carpets, table tops etc. They learn the art with immense dedication and determination. Stipends are given to those kids who complete door mats, towels as per orders every month. Their efforts never go waste as we get regular orders and regular sales exhibits are various software organizations, who lend their hand in the upliftment of these God's children every year.

Block Printing : Our children are able to make pillow cover sets, bed sheet sets, table cloth etc. Gnanadeepam is proud that our kids won a medal at State level competition and participated at National level too. Their work is being appreciated by everyone.

Greeting Card Making : Our children are able to make greetings cards with various hand works on it. They are able to do floral prints, by drawing and painting scenery, animals etc, by spray painting. Their creativity and success have reflected in their colorful output and won accolades through regular orders.