Dell powering the possible - Youth learning 2013 - 2015

We received through Dell powering the possible - Youth learning 2013-14 and 2014-15 as Cash and as 5 Dell touch screen computers.

Dell Funding enabled Gnanadeepam to impart training to 8 students directly and 43 students indirectly of these Gods children from economically backward families.

Children were imparted training to make themselves self-sufficient as possible according to their abilities. Funding helped Gnanadeepam for the curriculum development – add classes in computer, set up timetable for learning skills. It also helped us promote our Programme to everyone. It helped in training our staff, Program served Mild, Moderate and severe children under Madras development scale. We were able to evaluate and monitor each child progress who have been enrolled in this programme. Our Educational program addressed the need of each child's ability in learning the basic elementary curriculum.

Dell technology program added flavor to our training. Dell touch screen computers added zeal to our children training and brought smiles in their faces.

Dell powering the possible - Youth learning started on 1st August 2013 and catered to 8 children directly, 8 staff were being trained for more hours (approximately – 300 hours).

Funds helped more Trainers. Professional staff- 3 no’s were appointed and 2 new Teachers and 3 new assistants were added in the program because of the Dell grant. Grant helped Gnanadeepam to promote our program through mailers, pamphlets, website revamp.

We were able to purchase teaching aids, Jute materials for their vocational training. Funds helped us to pay for their transportation – daily pick up and dropping our children, pay for their transportation to events and exhibitions for their participation and performances. Funds helped us to pay for their food and medical expenses regularly. Major milestones were 5 Dell touch screen computers added to the program on September 7th 2013. It helped not only train 5 teachers but train our 8 students and also allowed community service. 2 members of the community were able to download and upload their projects, apply for jobs and send resume using internet service through Dell computers. Visual learning through Dell computers along with I ball touch pad purchased by Gnanadeepam greatly improved the students learning skills in reading and writing.

Our original program was traditional learning and educational skills under Madras development Program. Our projects were to make these children self-sufficient, improve their motor skills, reading and writing skills. Dell powering the possible program empowered a significant milestone at Gnanadeepam. Not only the curriculum were revised, new professionals were appointed.

Employees were trained along with the children. With significant addition of Dell computers educational skills were improved through visual learning. 8 children were benefitted in this learning. They were able to now express vowels, make sound, write alphabets, numerical, read and write few sentences. Community too benefitted.

2 youths were able to apply for jobs, do projects, send mailers, print documents etc. Technology helped our children watch videos for their movement therapy. It impacted them very much in learning their movements by understanding the dance steps and correcting them. Speech therapist trained the students with speech disability both in traditional method and also using dell computer. Videos run on the computers helped the students to make the sound of vowels, consonants and numerical.

We are very much in line with our goals and the dell funded program helping us in achieving the programs original goals. Arun was able to make sound of the alphabets and numerical in spite of his speech disability.

Gokul too was able to make sounds on watching the alphabet videos in regional language. J. Anita was able to write – aided by her teacher – alphabets and numerical. G. Karthik was able to write and read sentences, read few lines, write tables. Overall Dell Funding and Dell equipment served the purpose of this program to serve the needs of these Gods children, serve the community, train the employees, add new employees.

Dell Chennai employees have volunteered in helping gnanadeepam from their office premises and also by visiting our centre and helped in their skills. Ram, Director spent 2 hrs and Team member Arul Kumar chellapan spent 6hrs and 24 volunteers spent 44 hrs in total – each 2 hrs at their office to make colouring charts for these children. Ram, Director and Team member Arul Kumar Chellapan and 8 volunteers visited our school and helped in vocational training programme. They cut Jute and cloth for tailoring and weaving division, make colourful crayon painting with kids. They spent 18 hrs in total – each 2 hrs. At our school. Dev and B.Chandrasekar – Directors along with 14 volunteer’s visited the school and participated in Jute cutting, pattern making, sticker picking and teaching children in colouring. They spent 32 hrs. in total – each 2 hrs.

We have received through Dell powering the possible grant program 2014-15 as Cash and Dell Laptop and Tablet.

Mr. Gavin, Vice president and Mr. Chris, Exec. Director visited Gnanadeepam along with Exec.Dir & GM,Mr. Sreedhara Naranayaswamy, Exe.dir, GM, Directors - Mr. Ramachandran, and Mr. B.Chandarasekar, and spent hours with our Gods children. He eagerly watched Gods children learning alphabets, learning computers - visual learning, learning vocational training - weaving, block printing and tailoring.He enquired about individual child's growth and development. Children performed a dance skit.

Ms. Deborah Bauer, Director, Dell Giving visited Gnanadeepam on september 6th 2014 along with Mr. B.C. Sekar.She discussed in detail about Gods children, their educational and vocatiional skills. She met the trainers and discussed about individual child's ability and disability. Children presented a dance skit and she was thrilled to see them perform.